Field Rules

  • You must prebook and pay for your session prior to your visit
  • You will have exclusive use
  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your session start
  • Please remain in your car until the previous user has got their dogs into their car.
  • If you are late arriving for your session you must still leave on time
  • Please keep your dogs on a lead until you are inside the field and on exiting the field until the dogs are safely in your car
  • Once in the field, please keep the gate shut
  • You must have exited the field and have your dogs back in the car by the end of your session to ensure the next user can enter on time
  • Please leave the car park promptly after your session has finished
  • Please do not allow your dogs to dig holes in the field
  • Please do not leave any litter in the field, place any litter in the bin provided
  • Please do not smoke in the field
  • There is a selection of toys provided for your dogs to play with, please return them to the container
  • If you require assistance to access and use the field please contact the team prior to booking your session

Dog Poo

Please bring your own poo bags, biodegradable if possible.

It is your responsibility to pick up your dogs poo and place into the bin provided.

Should you find any uncollected poo, please place a marker cone beside it to enable us to find it when the field is checked.

Bio Security

It cannot be guaranteed that every owner has had their dog immunised, therefore the risk of infectious diseases is the same as going for a walk with your dogs. This is the same for natural issues such as grass seeds and ticks.


The field ground is uneven, please be aware when walking around.

The field may become muddy in winter or prolonged wet weather.

You use Pockthorpe Dog Park and parking area at your own risk. The management does not accept liability for any accident, injury, misadventure or damage to person, animal or property however so incurred.

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